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The characteristics of this Church are as follows.

All things created by God are characteristic, and that the apostles also have their own characteristics through their Gospels. Such a paradigm is not a paradigmatic meaning, but one that exists to express each characteristic. As each of the Four Gospels in New Testament characterizes Jesus Christ entirely by showing its distinctive features, each evangelical denomination is characterized by the full expression of Jesus Christ. Then, what is the characteristic of Jesus Korea Sungkyul Church?

To dismiss sin, heresy, personal opinions and non-biblical liberal theology, to prevent all secularization and corruption, and to lead to thorough repentance and gospel faith.

To emphasize the Blood of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, so that all believers receive the grace of holiness.

The Bible is based on truth, emphasizing the spiritual interpretation and the Fourfold Gospel(Regeneration, Sanctification, Divine Healing, Second Coming), the basis of the Bible and focusing on the experience of grace and the revival of the spirit.

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