The history of the Church is as follows.

In 1907, Kim Sang-Joon and Jung Bin graduated from the Tokyo Biblical Seminary in Japan, and then returned to Korea. In that time, they leased the room at Jongno-Yeomgok(Mugyo-dong) in Gyeongseong Province and started evangelism in the name of OMS Mission Hall.

In September 1921, as the preaching of the gospel expanded nationwide, it was decided to organize the church and OMS Mission Hall was fixed in Chosun Jesus Oriental Missionary Society Holiness Church.

In October 1940, when Korean missionaries returned to their homelands with the oppression of Japan, Korean Holiness Church became completely independent.

On May 24, 1943, the church was arrested and arrested on the grounds that the doctrine of second coming did not fit the Japanese national policy. In September of the same year, n the 29th, the national churches was finally dissolved due to the repression of Japanese imperialism.

On August 15, 1945, when the fatherland was liberated, the church was rebuilt and Chosun Jesus Oriental Missionary Society Holiness Church was restored to Korea Evangelical Holiness Church.

By April 1961, sadly, the Church had to be divided into two denominations because of its membership in the confederations (N.C.C and N.A.E), which are conflicting with the ideology of the faith since the reconstruction in 1945, As the church's beliefs broke down and flowed into secularization and corruption, many fellows and saints who were concerned about this continued for many years the withdrawal movement of the union institutions. However, the day after, the retention movement was strengthened rather than withdrawal, The church and local representatives who want to pay for the faith are gathered to "withdraw from the coalition and at the same time eliminate and restore all secular corruption and return to the original holiness church gospel faith line" We have been organizing the Reformed General Assembly, the General Assembly of the Congregation, and the faith revival movement. In December of that year, a joint special meeting was convened under the name of pastor Lee Myung-Jik, chairman of the Joint Special General Meeting Preparatory Committee, organized as elders for the peace and co-operation of the church. 97 delegates from both sides gathered to discuss all the affairs and at the same time, decided this joint special general meeting as the 16th general meeting of Korean Christian Holiness Church.

At the 17th General Assembly held in April 1962, the annual return of the Church was restored to the time of the organization of the Church, the year 1921, and the congress and the general meeting were held at the 41st general meeting and general meeting At the same time, the name of this Church decided to return "Jesus" to the name of the Church at that time, and unanimously resolved by the standing of all the delegates.