• Members

    We have decided to believe in Jesus that have been present at the church for more than six months, have set up a repentant as a catechumen, baptized a person who has been learning for more than six months and has surely regenerated evidence, then it becomes a member of the church.

  • Session

    The session is the highest political organization of the church, a senior pastor and elders in office. However, in the church, the staff meeting and the office work meeting can be set up as the office, and the sunday school and the service institution can be the educational institution.

  • Supervisory Church Band

    Supervisory Church Band is a political organization composed of pastors and elders who have been sent to the local church from the local church to active members.

  • District Division

    District Division is a political organization composed of ministers and elders sent from the local church to active members. However, each department, each organization, each association of associations and each partner organization can be placed in the regional meeting.

  • General Assembly

    The General Assembly is the supreme political organ of the Church, which is composed of delegates from eacNational Federation of Namchon-doh region. However, in the general meeting, the , the National Federation of Yeonchon-do, the National Federation of Youth, the National Federation of Student Council and the National Federation of Sunday School are organized.

  • General Assembly

    The executive board, executive committee and general meeting headquarters shall be established.


All the affiliated churches in this Church are called ○○ Church of Jesus Korea Sungkyul Church.

Place a foundation corporation in order to preserve and preserve the property in the Church.

In order to cultivate the clergy and community leaders of the Church, the institute of Sungkyul University, Sungkyul Theological College & Seminary(the bachelor's course in General assembly), Sungkyul Theological Seminary(the master's course in General assembly) will be operated.